How to mod / change WS_FTP fonts

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How to mod / change WS_FTP fonts

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WS_FTP displays very tiny fonts and the developer will never improve.

1. Download FontMod32.dll from and rename it to version.dll as mentioned in the readme guide.

2. Move version.dll to the WS_FTP program folder eg. C:\Program Files (x86)\WS_FTP

3. Open notepad and save file as C:\Program Files (x86)\WS_FTP\FontMod.yaml

4. Copy the following data into FontMod.yaml

Code: Select all

  MS Sans Serif:
    replace: Microsoft Sans Serif
    size: -18
  Segoe UI:
    replace: Trebuchet MS
    size: -18
    weight: 600
5. Run WS_FTP


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