Fast and easy SMTP mailer. For user who always send email with different identities. Comes with a nice GUI and unique options such as Save Data as default text, Extra-Header, Fast exit when finish, Auto search in history, Flashing icon, Eight custom signatures. Easy to change setting, All done in one page. User can change stamp image and notify voice. One 32 bits standalone execute file. No help file, No junk setup. PimMail can work as anonymous mailer.

( Click the images to see the screen shots )

  • Nice GUI. All done in one page.
  • Easy to change SMTP server.
  • PimMail.exe can be run alone without another files.
  • You can use your own stamp picture by copying to file stamp.bmp
    ( See readme.txt for more info. )
  • Autocomplete.
  • Remember last ten history values.
  • Ability the keep last message text.
  • Can load in tray.
  • Easy add or edit signature.
  • Allow to add custom header.
  • When Exit Save option meaning save as default text. You can clear by pressing CLEAR NOW button and then press SAVE NOW.
  • Some SMTP mail server can send a blank sender email by type only "@" without double quote.
Download Evaluation Version ( Last Update: 03-SEP-2001 v1.2.0.5 ) Stamp Collections
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