The modem bandwidth usage monitor utility. For user who always online internet and would like to keep track of online usage. Comes with a nice GUI and bandwidth graph monitor. AntiIdle, trayicon, easy to copy client IP to clipboard, play WAV sounds when connected and disconnected. Tiny one standalone execute file. RAS Monitor supports windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP.

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  • Nice Clear GUI. Setting can adjust by right click.
  • Easy to understand information.
  • RasMon.exe can be run alone without another file.
  • Show current connection information.
  • Show last connection information.
  • Show total connection information.
  • Show last 240 seconds activity graph in Main windows
    and last 100 seconds activity graph in Monitor windows.
  • Show true upload speed, download speed and duration time
    in Monitor windows.
  • Close to minimize.
  • Trayicon.
  • Minimize to tray.
  • Start minimized.
  • Load on startup.
  • Save log data to text file.
  • AntiIdle ( See readme.txt for more info. )
  • Play WAV sound when connected and disconnected.
  • Alpha transparent Monitor windows. ( Win2000 and XP )
  • Easy to copy client IP to clipboard.
  • Auto hide Monitor windows when offline.
  • Show duration time in trayicon's tooltip.
  • Always set topmost every second. No others software can take over.
Download Donation Version ( Last Update: 13-MAY-2003 v1.0.0.76 ) Coming Up Next
  • Auto shutdown when disconnected after a while.
    Useful when you sleeping or go out home.
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